Choose the best football for your playing

Choose the best football for your playing

Let’s make sure you choose the best one for your team! This succinct yet informative analysis describes the six different types of footballs available.

NFL & NCAA, Pro Pattern

These have the biggest girth of Official NFL Football and are frequently used by professional teams as well as the majority of college football programs.

Leather Footballs

Leather balls are of the best quality and are used not only in games but also in practice. The majority of these are created with a tanning process that makes the ball sticky, providing improved grip, especially in damp conditions. Some are also engineered to withstand moisture absorption, making them suitable for outdoor use. That being said, if you want to utilize a leather ball in rainy situations, do not buy one that does not claim water resistance! Another thing to keep in mind is that leather balls are exclusively meant for grass and turf surfaces.

Synthetic Footballs

Simply put, even though they appear to be leather at first glance, all of these are made of synthetic materials. These are utilised in games and practises, but are especially popular among leisure gamers. Composite balls have the appearance and feel of leather, are more resistant to dampness than leather, and are often simpler to handle because of their texture. Furthermore, some producers add compounds to make the surface even more grippe. Composite balls last longer than leather balls and are less expensive. Despite being more durable, composites are only designed for grass and turf play.

Rubber Footballs

A rubber Official NFL Football is precisely what its name implies: a long-lasting, easy-to-grip, waterproof ball made completely of rubber. These are ideal for recreational usage in all weather conditions and, unlike the previously mentioned, may be used on any surface.