The word hacking is very rarely attached with positive vibrations. As we all know there are majorly three types of hackers who would be ruling the hacking world. These hackers always try to hack the accounts by using win or lose process, actually a hacker is a person who access our accounts without the prior permission to attain self-gain, where as a few hackers are authenticated hackers who would seek for the permission and hack the data, they are termed as Ethical hackers, now a day we see most of the internet filled query is how to hack an IG password online as there are many such hackers who would like to hack their friends accounts and their known persons accounts just for the sake of fun and the enthusiasm and  curiosity to know what is happening in other person’s life which would be though funny for some but few may take them seriously.

Types of Hackers:

There are majorly 3 types of hacker they are the white hat hackers, Grey hat hackers, Black hat hackers, now let us discuss about them in brief as going in depth makes to learn the more concepts about hacking.

White hat Hackers:

They are the authenticated hackers the ones who are appointed by many major companies so that they =can have a check in what happens in their company whether their rival companies are hacking their accounts or not like that.

Grey hat hackers:

They are the second category people who would do both legal hacking and also the illegal hacking they are a bit more curious in knowing about the other person’s activities.

Black Hat Hackers:

They are the third category hackers who would only do illegal hacking and know all the information though these hackers grab information which would be a breach.

However hacking is a process of knowing the data by using unauthenticated process sometimes.

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