Vinyl in all its variety of designs

Vinyl in all its variety of designs

The vinyl floor is currently celebrating its comeback. No wonder, since it combines many positive properties: vinyl flooring is practical and easy to care for and therefore ideal for all living spaces. Vinyl can also be a good alternative to tiles in the bathroom , because the floor is resistant to moisture and, unlike tiles, is warm to the feet. Another advantage of vinyl is the good price-performance ratio.

One of the special advantages of a luxury vinyl tile in sherwood ar floor is its extraordinary versatility in design. Vinyl can e.g. B. be an interesting alternative to parquet or laminate. Whether oak, beech or maple, whether ship flooring, floorboards or herringbone patterns – vinyl is available in every wood look. Vinyl in tile design is ideal for the kitchen, among other things. The advantage: PVC floorsare warmer than tiles and cannot splinter or break if something falls down. The vinyl flooring, which is warm to the feet, also creates pleasant comfort in the bathroom and blends in harmoniously with the overall picture thanks to its tile look. You can use PVC in the style of stone floors e.g. B. in the hallway and get an easy-care floor in this often heavily used area, which you can clean quickly and easily with a damp cloth at any time.

Vinyl planks – Almost like laminate

Vinyl planks that you can lay with a click mechanism like laminate or parquet are now widespread. Vinyl boards are usually laid floating – i.e. without a permanent connection to the sub-floor. This means you can easily replace damaged vinyl. Compared to laminate and parquet, vinyl planks have the advantage that vinyl has a soundproofing effect. In some vinyl planks, footfall sound insulation is also integrated so that walking on it causes almost no noise.

Full vinyl floors – perfect for the bathroom

You can also lay floors made of full vinyl with a floating click mechanism. If you opt for full vinyl, the surface must be completely flat, as unevenness can be seen in the vinyl. Its resistance to moisture speaks in favor of full vinyl – the floor cannot swell as it is made of 100% plastic. Solid vinyl floors are therefore particularly recommended for the bathroom or for damp rooms. However, full-surface bonding is recommended here. Because of its better foot warmth, a PVC floor in the bathroom is a good alternative to tiles.