What Is Laser Cutter? Things to Know in Detail

What Is Laser Cutter? Things to Know in Detail

Laser cutters create the designs and patterns just by cutting in different materials. The powerful beam is a source that burns, melts and vaporizes any material.

Laser cutting is the fabrication and tolerance process, which uses thin and focused, beam that will cut and etch the materials in custom patterns and different shapes as it is specified by the designer. The non-contact and thermal-based fabrication procedure is perfect for many materials, which includes glass, wood, paper, plastic, metal, and gemstone. It is can produce some intricate parts without any need of the customized tool.

Laser Machine Components

Different from mechanical cutting that uses cutting tools as well as power-driven equipment, waterjet cutting uses pressurized water & abrasive material, this cutting uses the laser cutting machine that will produce engravings, cuts, and markings.

3D molded interconnects devices technology

Whereas laser cutting machines differ from one model to another model and various applications, typical setup includes mirrors, laser resonator assembly, and head that have the laser focusing lens, pressurized gas assembly as well as nozzle. This basic laser cutting procedure includes following stages:

  • Beam focusing
  • Generation
  • Movement
  • Material ejection
  • Localized melting and heating

Every stage is very important to laser cutting procedure and, when rightly executed, producing the exact cut.  The laser cutting machines can cut different designs with the higher degree of accuracy and precision than conventional cutting machines. As laser cutting machines are fully CNC controlled, it will consistently and repeatedly produce intricate and complex parts to the high tolerances.